Echo Park

Explore and discover Echo Park, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles.

Echo Park has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, re-emerging as one of L.A.’s coolest neighborhoods. Centrally situated between Silver Lake and Downtown L.A., Echo Park’s resurgent popularity with the city’s trend-setting crowd has led to an explosion of eateries, bars, music venues, and gallery spaces. Echo Park Lake is also every bit as beautiful as it was during Hollywood’s glory years. You’ll also find a dizzying array of shops and boutiques, and the neighborhood is widely considered a leader in L.A.’s world-famous vintage fashion scene.

All in all, the Echo Park neighborhood spans a total of 2.4 square miles, and its dramatically increased popularity has drawn many famous names into its fold. Famous contemporary celebrities that have called Echo Park home include Leonardo DiCaprio, Shia LaBeouf, and Seth Green. Jackson Pollock, the celebrated abstract expressionist artist, also lived in the neighborhood, as did film director John Huston, Hollywood legend Steve McQueen, and one-of-a-kind musician Frank Zappa.


Don’t forget to include these famous Echo Park attractions in your game plan.

Visitors to Echo Park will want to check out the following popular points of interest:

  • Dodger Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Dodgers and many special events
  • Carroll Avenue, an Angelino Heights neighborhood in Echo Park that is famous for its well-preserved Victorian-era mansions
  • The Echo & Echoplex, a double dose of hip live music venues
  • Echo Park Lake, a Los Angeles icon that’s been featured in countless movies and television shows over the years
  • iam8bit, a trendy art gallery that draws locals in droves for its warm and welcoming exhibition opening parties

GTS Charter offers a great alternative to visitors who want to explore Echo Park without the hassles and worries of driving and parking. Our courteous, knowledgeable drivers provide convenient pick-up and drop-off service at locations of your choosing, allowing you to hop out, explore the neighborhood at your leisure, then get back in and head to the next local attraction. We also provide 24/7 service — ideal if you want to sample Echo Park’s fantastic nightlife.

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Koreatown Los Angeles

Come see why Koreatown is considered one of the most unique and interesting neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Koreatown is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood in L.A.’s central Mid-Wilshire area. Developing during the 1960s, a time when Los Angeles was experiencing a large influx of immigrants from the Korean Peninsula, Koreatown soon grew into a booming area filled with unique restaurants, retail shops, and small businesses. The neighborhood’s dense population and signature Art Deco architecture makes it one of the most recognizable and lively sections of the city.

Some of Koreatown’s key attractions include:

  • Restaurants. Korean barbecue is the name of the game when it comes to restaurants in the district, and many of them are open 24 hours a day. People come from far and wide solely to eat authentic Korean cuisine in the neighborhood, which is home to dozens of well-reviewed and popular eateries.
  • Day spas. Koreatown is filled with affordably priced Korean-style day spas, where guests can pamper themselves for a fraction of the cost you’d pay in other parts of the city. Enjoy saunas, body scrubs, hot tubs, and more!
  • Shopping. Browse the retail businesses of the neighborhood’s main streets and strip malls, and find fashion bargains and unique souvenirs.
  • Architecture. The district’s Art Deco architecture has been remarkably well-preserved, and offers a wealth of enjoyment for visitors who are interested in different building styles.

L.A.’s Koreatown is a unique cultural experience that offers visitors a glimpse into the multicultural nature and history of the city. It has risen to must-see status, so be sure to pencil it in to your itinerary during your stay!


GTS Charter makes it easy and affordable to explore Koreatown your way.

GTS Charter offers a convenient and affordable way to discover the many wonders of Koreatown without worrying about driving. Our drivers will pick you up from virtually anywhere in Southern California and take you and your party wherever you want to go, enabling you to create and enjoy a custom itinerary. Spend as much time as you want in Koreatown without accruing expensive fuel and parking charges.

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Watts Towers

Visit Watts Towers with GTS Charter and enjoy one of L.A.’s most unique cultural attractions.

For more than half a century, Watts Towers has enjoyed great popularity as one of L.A.’s most interesting architectural landmarks. Designed and built over a 33-year period by Simon Rodia and completed in 1954, the fascinating structures were enshrined as both a California Historic Landmark and a National Historic Landmark in 1990.

The structures themselves were fashioned from a combination of steel, wire, and a unique concrete formulation developed by Rodia, who specialized in masonry and construction. All in all, Rodia built 17 towers, which are now housed in the Simon Rodia State Historic Park in the Watts district of South Los Angeles. The spiraling structures are adorned with found objects that were brought to Rodia by neighborhood residents during their construction, and art historians consider them to be one of the most important examples of “outsider art” in the United States.


Today, tourism operators offer guided visits to the park containing the towers, where visitors can learn more about their fascinating history and construction. The towers have also been featured in numerous major motion pictures and television shows, including Colors (1988), Ricochet (1991) Menace II Society (1993).

GTS Charter delivers affordable individual and group transportation solutions to Watts Towers and points of interest across L.A.

Reaching Watts Towers can pose challenges for visitors to Los Angeles, as they are located in a part of the city that is not normally part of most itineraries. The private transportation professionals at GTS Charter will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience in South Los Angeles if you’d like to include Watts Towers in the list of attractions you want to explore during your stay in the city.


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Book your LAX airport transfers with GTS Charter, a leading provider of private transportation in Southern California.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the busiest air travel hubs in the country, with about 6,000,000 domestic and international travelers passing through every month. It consistently ranks among the top ten busiest airports in the world, with highly developed connections to countries around the globe, particularly in the Pacific Rim, Central America, and South America.

Given its prominence, it seems logical that LAX would be well-served by public transportation, but the reality is that using L.A.’s bus and metro rail systems to reach the airport can take a tremendous amount of time. With traffic conditions in the surface streets around the airport often becoming congested, it can also be very difficult to predict how long it will take to reach the airport with any accuracy. That’s the last thing any air traveler needs to deal with.

GTS Charter offers an affordable and convenient alternative: private LAX airport transfers guided by experienced drivers who get their passengers to the airport on time, every time.


We provide LAX airport transfers to individuals and groups of all sizes.

Solo travelers and members of small groups can depend on GTS Charter to provide LAX airport transfers in comfortable, well-maintained late-model vehicles, driven by specially trained operators who use the latest navigation technologies. For larger groups, GTS Charter also offers mini-buses as well as full-sized coaches and a wide range of other vehicles, depending on your needs.

GTS Charter also has one of the broadest service areas in the Southern California private transportation industry, so no matter where you’re based during your stay in the greater L.A. area, you can depend on our LAX airport transfers to get you to the airport in plenty of time, every time. For your convenience, we are also pleased to offer inbound service to guests arriving from domestic and international points of origin.

The transportation professionals at GTS Charter are here to help you save time, reduce stress, and enjoy affordable, comfortable service to and from LAX. Avoid the hassles of rental car returns and the unpredictability of the Los Angeles public transportation by relying on us for your LAX airport transfers. To get a free quote for your individual or group travel needs, please email us at, or call 1-800-877-1970.

GTS Charter makes it easy to enjoy L.A.’s spectacular Getty Villa.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking art and architecture of the Getty Villa.

The Getty Villa is one of America’s most unique cultural attractions. Designed by renowned architects, the Getty Villa opened to the public in 1974 and went on to become the permanent home of J. Paul Getty’s stunning collection of Etruscan, Greek, and Roman antiquities, along with one of the most impressive collections of Impressionist art in the country. Today, the site houses over 44,000 artifacts, sculptures, and works of art while hosting informative education programs.


The grounds themselves are also well worth a visit in their own right. Nestled on the Malibu coast in the exclusive community of Pacific Palisades, the property features multiple museum buildings, exhibition pavilions, and beautifully designed peristyles. Sculpted fountains and landscaped gardens give the grounds an air of beauty and tranquility. It’s a truly remarkable place, and one that’s rightfully earned its place on the list of top L.A. attractions.


GTS Charter is here to make your trip to the Getty Villa easy and convenient.

If you’re wondering how to get to the Getty Villa, you’re not alone. The estate’s secluded location can be a challenge for visitors not familiar with the city, and while its remoteness is a key source of its famous tranquility, it can also cause logistical challenges for group visits.


While the Getty Villa is a popular draw on tours of the Southern California mansions of the rich and famous, most visitors want time to explore the grounds and collections at their own pace. Admission to the villa is free, but parking is very expensive. One of the best ways around those costs is to arrange your group transportation through GTS Charter.
Whether you want to include the Getty Villa on a customized group tour of Los Angeles or spend an extended amount of time discovering the many wonders of the estate and museum, GTS Charter provides flexible solutions. Our affordable group transportation options are ideal for Getty Villa visits and much more! To get a free quote for your custom transportation needs, please email us at, or call 1-800-877-1970.

Visit the Hollywood Bowl with GTS Charter

The Hollywood Bowl has a long history as one of the most storied outdoor concert venues in the country.

The Hollywood Bowl has hosted many of the best-known performers in music history, from Frank Sinatra and the Beatles to Kanye West and Black Sabbath. It also serves as the summer home of the world-renowned Los Angeles Philharmonic, and its seasonal event schedule always includes some of the hottest tickets in town.


Looking at the Hollywood Bowl’s lineup for the summer of 2016, you can catch performances from the likes of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Weird Al Yankovic, Diana Ross and more. The L.A. Philharmonic will also dazzle, with performances of West Side Story, Star Trek, Rhapsody in Blue, and some of the world’s most beautiful classical music.


The Hollywood Bowl also has an inclusive food and drink policy that allows guests to bring their own refreshments. If you’re heading there for a concert or an event, you can lounge on the lawn or the picnic tables and grab a bite before catching the show. It’s a great way to enjoy summer in the city!


Head to the Hollywood Bowl in style with the group transportation professionals at GTS Charter.

Driving to the Hollywood Bowl comes with a lot of logistical challenges that can throw a wrench in your plans for the day. It’s located in a busy part of Hollywood, near the 101 freeway — an area that gets a lot of traffic. Parking is expensive and can be difficult to find, and public transportation isn’t a convenient option.


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Visit Colorful Venice Beach with GTS Charter!

Come see why Venice Beach is one of L.A.’s most unique and talked-about attractions.

Venice Beach has long been one of L.A.’s most popular places to spend a beautiful, sunny day. It’s the legendary home of Muscle Beach, the outdoor gym where luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno built up their bods before becoming major stars. The three-mile Venice Beach boardwalk is a one-of-a-kind attraction in and of itself, where unique street performers, quirky personalities, fortune tellers, artists, and vendors come together to create one of the most colorful communities in the city.


Explore a little further to find the Venice Beach skatepark, where amateurs and pros alike dazzle crowds with their incredible skills. You can also catch a live glimpse of  the “Venice Beach Freak Show” — a TV hit since 2013. Along the boardwalk and in the neighborhood’s adjacent streets, you’ll also find scores of trendy restaurants and cool bars if you’re looking to grab a bite or mingle with locals.


All in all, it’s a great way to spend a day in L.A., though driving and parking can be a major hassle. Fortunately, GTS Charter is here to provide an alternative.

Make your Venice Beach visit easy and fun by leaving the driving to us.

Traffic snarls are a daily fact of life in Venice Beach, and finding parking can put a major damper on your day. The area’s popularity means parking is in high demand, and it can take forever to find street parking if you’re not prepared to pay a major premium.


It’s also hard to be spontaneous when you have to worry about your car. Feeding the meter and time-based parking restrictions can put a damper on your day, to say nothing of the fun you might miss in the local bars and lounges. Hiring charter transportation for the day is the perfect alternative, especially if you’re not familiar with the area and don’t want to have to worry about walking for miles to get back to your car.
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Count on GTS Charter for Your Staples Center Visit

Be a part of the action at L.A.’s famous Staples Center this summer!

Earning worldwide fame as the home of the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers and the NHL’s Kings, L.A.’s Staples Center is also the city’s top arena-style indoor entertainment venue. Over the years, it’s attracted the music industry’s top stars, with performances from entertainment legends including Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Madonna and Michael Jackson. The summer of 2016 is shaping up to be another great one at the Staples Center.

Here’s a rundown of the summer season’s top events:

  • July 30: Block B
  • July 31: Astro
  • August 2: Barbra Streisand
  • August 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13: Adele
  • August 27: Daddy Yankee
  • September 7, 9, 10: Drake
  • September 14: Carrie Underwood

You can also catch WNBA action featuring the Los Angeles Sparks, catch an “Out of this World” show with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, see the USA Basketball Showcase, and much more! Once you have your tickets in hand, all you need to do is plan how to get to and from the venue, and that’s where GTS Charter can help.


Book your affordable and convenient transportation to the Staples Center with GTS Charter.

As you might expect from a top arena in a major city, getting to and from Staples Center can be tricky. Navigating traffic is tough enough, but when you factor in exorbitant parking costs, transportation can be a costly nightmare.

GTS Charter provides an affordable group travel alternative. When you book our charter transportation, you won’t have to worry about paying for parking or dealing with the logistics of multiple vehicles. Our fleet can easily accommodate groups of any size, with options including:

  • Lincoln Town Cars and limousines
  • Navigator, Escalade and Hummer limos
  • Standard and executive vans
  • Mini-buses
  • Full-size coaches

Leave the driving to our specially trained and licensed professionals! We’re here to make your journey easy and hassle-free, and our value-added industry-leading service comes with highly competitive rates. To learn more, please email us at, or give us a call toll-free to get a service quote. Representatives are standing by at 1-800-877-1970.

Summer Travel Tips for Visitors to Los Angeles

Stay cool this summer with our helpful Los Angeles travel tips for visitors.

Los Angeles is one of the world’s most popular vacation and tourism destinations, and if you’re planning a visit this summer, the GTS Charters team can help you make the most of your stay. In addition to providing a complete range of transportation solutions for groups of all sizes, we’re also pleased to offer these helpful tips to make sure you enjoy a pleasant and memorable visit.

Even if you’ve never been to Los Angeles, chances are you’ve heard about the city’s notorious traffic volumes. One of the most important things to keep in mind when planning summer travel in Los Angeles is to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. This is especially important when it comes to airport transfers, as the highways that serve LAX are among the busiest in the country.


Next, you’ll want to remember to pack sunscreen or sunblock. Southern California receives intense sunshine during the summer season, and the local UV index frequently reaches very high levels. If you find yourself slowed town by congested traffic on a sunny day, you can develop a sunburn quickly. Safeguard yourself by packing a high-SPF sunscreen or sunblock product.

If you’re planning to visit a popular local attraction or theme park, you should expect thick crowds during the summer. One way to get the jump on long lineups is to secure your theme park or event tickets in advance, rather than waiting until you arrive at the venue to purchase them. The GTS Charters staff is happy to help you arrange tickets for your group’s visit to Disneyland, Universal Studios, or any of the city’s other top family and group destinations.

Count on us to provide fantastic service for all your Los Angeles travel needs.

If you’re looking for group travel solutions, the GTS Charters team is here to help. With an extensive fleet of comfortable and well-maintained late-model vehicles, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. In addition, we are pleased to offer expert logistical support for special events, including valet parking and planning services.

Experience the difference great customer service makes! Book your charter transportation with us and enjoy your stay in this vibrant and glamorous city. You can reach us by emailing, or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-877-1970.

Welcome to GTS Charter, a full-service provider of Los Angeles bus charters and group transportation solutions.

GTS Charter specializes in providing complete group transportation services for customers in the Los Angeles area. With a varied fleet designed to meet the needs of groups of all sizes, GTS Charter delivers on a value proposition built on great customer service. When you travel with us, you’ll also enjoy first-class amenities and comfortable trips led by experienced and courteous drivers who always go the extra mile to ensure your full satisfaction.

We’ve built one of the most complete vehicle fleets in the Los Angeles charter transportation industry, including a full range of full-size luxury sedans, SUVs, limousines, vans, minibuses and coaches capable of transporting up to 58 passengers. Count on us to provide reliable service at highly competitive rates for special events including conventions, weddings, parties, family reunions, group vacations, retreats, sports and concerts.

Experience the customer service edge we deliver with all our Los Angeles bus charters.

While there are many companies that offer group transportation services in Southern California, you won’t find another provider that works as hard as we do to ensure you have a great experience. Our customer service advantages include:

  • Event planning representatives that help organizers meet your unique logistical needs
  • A full range of support services, including hotel and restaurant reservations, airport transfers, custom tours and more
  • Ticket procurement for group admission to theme parks and other popular Southern California attractions
  • Food, beverages and refreshments for passengers
  • Drivers who are fluent in foreign languages

In addition to clean, comfortable, well-maintained late-model vehicles, we also use the very latest navigation technologies to ensure you arrive at your destination without delay. Our drivers also have extensive knowledge about the Los Angeles area, and can offer a wealth of tips and wisdom to visitors seeking suggestions for things to do, places to eat and local hotels.

You can also count on us for expert valet parking services for special events. Our logistical team excels at handling large volumes of inbound and outbound traffic, and our specially trained valet drivers will ensure the safety and security of your guests’ property.

To learn more about our services, inquire about rates or schedule service, please contact the GTS Charter team at, or call us toll-free at 1-800-877-1970.